Frequently asked questions

  • 1- What kind of service do you provide?

We will provide a cleaner to work on a weekly or fortnightly basis, to undertake cleaning and / or ironing services for the amount of hours agreed.

  • 2- Are you insured?

We are insured for public and employer's liability

  • 3- How do you select your cleaners?

Our selection process is very thorough. Most of our cleaners come via word of mouth. We interview all cleaners, take references and proof of ID and address. After this stage cleaners receive training in different cleaning techniques and use of producs.

  • 4- What is the minimum number of hours that I can book a cleaner for?

The minimum is 3 hours per fortnight and 3 hours per week. We will be happy to discuss your requirements and recommend a suitable number of hours.

  • 5- Who is responsible for providing the cleaning materials and equipment?

You are responsible for providing the cleaning materials and equipment.

  • 6- What jobs are the cleaners prepared to do?

Anything involving general house cleaning and ironing. For more details ask us for a task sheet.

  • 7- Can my cleaner come when I'm out at work?

Yes, she can. You can leave a set of keys for the cleaner. You don't have to be in on the day the cleaner comes. Our cleaners hold keys for 90% of our clients' homes. They have gone through our security training with regards to safe keeping keys.

  • 8- Who pays the cleaner, you or I?

You do. You pay her the applicable rate when she does the work. If she comes to you for one day a week, you pay her on that day.

  • 9- Can I have a cleaner once a month?

Yes you can. However because of the length of time between each clean, we treat a monthly clean as a "one off" clean and so the minimum cleaning time is 4 hours at the applicable rate.

  • 10- What happens if my cleaner is ill or on holiday?

We will let you know and offer to provide a replacement cleaner if you wish or will refund the rate payable to the agency if you don’t need a replacement.

  • 11- What happens if I am unhappy with my cleaner?

We will talk to your cleaner on your behalf or if you prefer we will supply another cleaner. However, please be patient and supply us with as much feedback as possible.

  • 12- What if I go on holiday or need to make changes to my cleaning day or hours?

Should you require a week or two without cleaning please call or e-mail our office at least 2 days in advance to cancel your cleaning session and you will not be charged the cleaner's fees. That way should your cleaner wish to work some extra hours elsewhere while you are away we can arrange this.

  • 13- Many companies act as introduction agencies only. Do you operate on the same basis?

No, after we have introduced a cleaner to you we continue to maintain the cleaning service, and provide insurance. We make sure the quality level does not fall and carefully monitor the feedback we receive so we can provide you with the first class service you want.

  • 14- What do I do next?

When you decide that you would like to go ahead with our service, all you need do is call the Forever Clean office on 0208 374 3949 to make an appointment or fill in the contact form

A member of our management team will then meet you at your house to discuss your cleaning requirements in detail and we will go through the cleaning equipment you have and advise upon purchasing any other cleaning materials you may need.

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