Terms & Conditions

Forever Clean aims to provide reliable, trustworthy and efficient workers for our clients and to maintain a high level of support and back up throughout the duration of our agreement.

Should the client wish to cancel or re-arrange a session this must be made through the office in writing (email acceptable) with adequate notice of 2 working days.

If the cleaner leaves or the client is unhappy with the service, the client may request  Forever Clean to allocate a new cleaner.

Should a worker be unable to attend the client due to sickness or holidays and if the client wishes a replacement cleaner Forever Clean will aim to provide a replacement worker within 2 working days or refund the client the fees payable to the agency for that session

The client may cancel a cleaning session by giving a minimum of 2 working days notice. If the operative arrives at the client’s property and is unable to work for any given reason or cannot have access to property due to door being double locked or inadequate keys given or client not at home on agreed time to allow access, the client will be liable to pay full cleaning fees for that session including operative and agency fees on the next visit.

Forever Clean charges are to be paid by advanced monthly standing order.

By entering into a service agreement with Forever Clean, the client agrees that during the period of this agreement or for a period of 12 months after the termination of the cleaning service agreement the client will not hire or use any services provided by a present or past cleaner introduced to the Client by Forever Clean on a private capacity other than those services agreed with Forever Clean  .  If the Client does wish to hire or use the services of any nature provided by such a cleaner on a private basis our referral fee is £1500 to cover Forever Clean loss of earnings, recruitment and training costs.

The client agrees never to enter or make any financial or private arrangements with the worker other than those arranged by the agency. Any requests of additional services or hours must be first arranged and agreed through Forever Clean Office.

The Client will not refer any worker introduced by Forever Clean to any family, friends or acquaintances with the intention of further work without previously discussing with Forever Clean.

Forever Clean is insured with Public Liability and Employer’s Liability insurance which protects the client’s home against loss or damage, provided that this damage or loss is caused by the negligence or omission of the Cleaner and to the extent that the loss or damage is of a value in excess of £250.  In case of any claims Forever Clean requires information within 24 hours in writing subsequent to the completed service.  Accounts in arrears nullify their insurance cover provided by Forever Clean.

Forever Clean does not accept liability or the insurance policy does not cover theft of property or possessions or loss or damage caused by bleach or any substance containing bleach, carpet damage due to burning or damage to items of brittle nature, damage to art objects or antiques, or damage caused by equipment not in full working order supplied by the client.

The cleaners are not employed by Forever Clean either directly or indirectly but hold self- employed status.  The client will be responsible for instructing the cleaner on the safe use of any necessary equipment within the work place and for paying the cleaner directly at the end of each session.

The client is responsible for supplying all appropriate cleaning materials and equipment in full working order in addition to making arrangements for access to the client’s home.

Should the client wish to terminate the contract then they must give Forever Clean two weeks notice in writing to coincide with the client’s invoicing date.

Forever Clean reserves the right to terminate the cleaning contract with a client at any given time.

Should a cheque be returned unpaid or insufficient funds be available at the time of the standing order payment the client will be liable to administration cost of £20.00 in addition to the outstanding balance.   Upon cessation of the Service, it is the duty of the client to cancel the Standing Order; we are unable to do this.  Non cancelled Standing Orders will be subject to a £10.00 administration fee when refunded. Refunds made to clients arising from clients cancelling a session will be subject to a charge of £1.00.

These terms and conditions may be updated from time to time and we will inform our clients of any changes.

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